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Cheap Epic Games Accounts for Sale from RND Place

Gaming is a favourite pastime among teenagers and adults alike. And with most games, they need to spend significant time and energy to get the most out of it. That being said, you may not be willing to start from scratch and spend weeks or months before getting to the dream level. Instead, you can take the shortcut by purchasing Epic Game account online. These accounts already come with high stats and perks unlocked for you to start with.

How Are These Accounts Created?

The first question that pops up; how are such accounts readily available? The process is quite simple. Many hardcore players around the world wish to sell their old accounts they no longer use. Due to the hours already put in, the account generally comes with high-level stats/rank which the previous player achieved. When you buy pre-owned epicgames account, you get all the game progress and achievements ready to go!

RND Place is a renowned destination for all kinds of gaming accounts. You can search for the game you are looking for and browse a variety of ranked accounts.

Why Choose RND Place for Purchasing Game Accounts?

RND Place has established itself as a premier online shopping portal for game accounts. With various mechanisms in place to ensure fast and smooth transactions, you can always expect a steadfast purchase experience. So what else makes RND Place a great, or perhaps the best place to buy accounts Epic Games?

  1. Generous amount of sellers - In any marketplace, the larger the number of sellers, the lower the prices shall be. RND Place has got an ample number of sellers dealing in accounts day and night. With that said, you are sure to get the lowest prices in the market.
  2. Rating system - The first and foremost factor of any online store is trust! Research shows that first-time users often hesitate more about authenticity than prices. RND Place has put it place a nifty rating system to help with this. A seller's reputation is enhanced as more buyers purchase from them. And this score is displayed next to their name when you browse their products.
  3. A platform that welcomes new sellers - You may be wondering 'can you sell games on Epic Games?' While it's only possible for the developers themselves to use the official platform, you are certainly not limited by that. One of the significant reasons for RND Place's popularity is the ease of getting started, especially for new sellers.

Is Purchasing an Account Worth It?

You can create a free Epic Games account all by yourself, and spend money as you wish on your choice of games. So why choose RND Place or any account store at all? What you are paying for in an account store is not just the game itself, but also the progress associated with it. In a nutshell, not only would you be getting the game, but also the hard-earned levels directly. Such accounts no longer require you to put the beginner hours in and let you instantly get the full experience.