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Immortals Fenyx Rising provides gamers with an in-depth look at ancient Greek mythology. A huge open world with colorful and detailed graphics awaits you, divided into seven unique regions that you can explore both by air and by moving on land.

You will play as Phoenix – a winged demigod who will unravel the secrets of his past. The plot in the game built around a terrible curse that a powerful titan has imposed on the gods. You are their last hope, and with the help of the abilities given by the gods, you will fight with mythical creatures. Your main enemy will be Typhon – the most dangerous titan in Greek mythology, from which comes the main threat to all ancient Greek gods.

Main features:
• Fight iconic mythological beasts – Cyclops, Medusa and Drakes;
• Discover a stylized and colorful open world;
• Use your skills, telekinesis, self-guided arrows and more;

Buy Immortals Fenyx Rising: Gold Edition account and become a real legend of ancient Greek myths.


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    still watting your answer, Order: 128508895 for 3,26 USD issued March 19, 2021 9:51
  • FIFA: 21
  • APEX LEGENDS: 150-250 LVL
    product didn´t work looking for a replacement
  • Starter - 40K BE
    working account nice seller
  • Starter - 40K BE
    Took awhile for a response, but fixed the main issue. Hopefully I can exchange the EUW account for an NA account though.

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