Battlefield: 4

Battlefield: 4

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Battlefield 4 is action packed with moments that blur the line between play and magnificence. Powered by the reliable and powerful technology Frostbite 3, Battlefield 4 offers a unique gaming environment. Only in Battlefield you will be able to destroy buildings and lead the assault. Battlefield gives you even more action freedom and behavior.

In addition to the multiplayer, Battlefield 4 has an intense and dramatic campaign with interesting characters. Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of war.

Main features of game:

• The maps aren’t static. Earthshaking events, bomb explosions fundamentally reshape the level for the rest of the match;
• Get Field Upgrades;
• Chose mode that suits you – Defuse, Obliteration, Conquest;

Our hypermarket RNDPlace provide everything you need. Buy Battlefied: 4 Premium account, find yourself on the battlefield, destroy buildings, neutralize enemies and be unstoppable.


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To start playing the game, you need:
• Open «Origin» client, enter the e-mail:password in the specified fields and sign in. (If you do not have «Origin» client, , download here)
• Go to the «Games» section and download desired game.
• After, the game will be displayed in the «Library» section, you can freely play it.

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