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The Sims 4 – it’ time to build a unique life that you have long dreamed of. Create a character: one or a family. Adjust your appearance and unleash all your crazy fantasies. Design your house and build an incredibly beautiful landscape. Keep an eye on your Sims’ needs, don’t let them starve to death Give rein to one’s imagination, have fun and just live life.

Features of the game:

• Create unique Sim character. Everything is available to you: skin and hair color, nose, eye and mouth size. Choose from casual to formal wear;
• Build home. Become a virtuoso builder. Build your dream cottage, make all your crazy ideas come true. A large number of furniture, windows and doors are available to you. Change the landscape, create a stunning garden in the yard of your house;
• Explore and travel around the world. Meet people, make friends, meet the love of your life;
• Every decision affects your Sim’s life. Only you decide whether the Sim can achieve goals or will remain at the bottom of life;
• Updated and improved character editor. Create unique and believable characters;

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After your successful payment, you will be redirected to the order page and also receive the product on the specified email.
The format of purchased goods is e-mail:password

To start playing the game, you need:
• Open «Origin» client, enter the e-mail:password in the specified fields and sign in. (If you do not have «Origin» client, , download here)
• Go to the «Games» section and download desired game.
• After, the game will be displayed in the «Library» section, you can freely play it.

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