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Advanced - 60K BE

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League of Legends is a strategic co-op game in which two teams of five powerful champions fight each other in an attempt to destroy an enemy base. Choose from over 140 champions to create epic moments, earn kills and demolish towers on your way to victory.

Take the base

The Nexus is the heart of your base. The enemy also has a nexus - destroy it to win the game.

Your path

To get to the enemy Nexus, your team needs to clear at least one line. But this is not easy to do, because the path is blocked by defensive structures - towers and inhibitors. Each lane has three towers and one inhibitor, and two more towers guard the nexus.

Monsters in jungle

There is a forest between the lines, where neutral monsters live and plants bloom. The most important monsters in the game are Baron Nashor and dragons. For killing these beasts, your team will receive unique power-ups that can turn the game around.


Choose your lane, power-up your champion, kill minions, unlock your abilities, earn some gold, buy new items and be simply the best in your match.

Buy League of Legends smurf account on RNDPlace and enjoy the features of the best strategy game in the world.


After your successful payment, you will be redirected to the order page and also receive the product on the specified email.
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To start playing the game, you need:

  • Open «League of Legends» client, enter the login:password in the specified fields and sign in. (If you do not have «League of Legends» client, download here)
  • The game will start downloading automatically.
  • After the game will be downloaded, you can freely play it.

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