Full Access - 124 Skins (STW)

Full Access - 124 Skins (STW)

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Full Description

Fortnite is a battle Royale game, where the players compete against each other solo or in groups with friends. The main mechanics of which are research, collecting resources, building fortified buildings and fighting to your enemies.

Players can also destroy environmental objects and decorations to obtain resources. When a player breaks something, he plays a mini-game, you need to hit highlighted points to get double damage. 

Main features:

• Many different skins to make the game more attractive. Some of these, there are very rare;

• Many in-game events that bring all players in one place;

• Various game mods: classic Battle Royale, Save the World Edition(PVE) and many more;

• Constant improvements and addition of new features;

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To start playing the game, you need:

• Open «Epic Games» client, enter the e-mail:password in the specified fields and sign in. (If you do not have «Epic Games» client, download here.) 

• Go to the «Games» section and download desired game.

• After, the game will be displayed in the «Library» section, you can freely play it.



Reviews (6532)

  • Первый аккаунт не работал, заменили)
  • Изначально пришли неверные данные от аккаунта,замену получил только спустя 3 дня после покупки,тех поддержку 24/7 лично я не почувствовал,но благо хоть ответили и дали замену,акк рабочий батла есть,и еще пару игр.Если коротко,то это не скам,но прийдется подождать,что бы выдали рабочий аккаунт.
  • had a problem in the beginning, but it was resolved
  • все подошло
  • Продавец помог решить проблему

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