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Cheap MINECRAFT Accounts for Sale from RNDPlace

Recently Minecraft has become the new sensation of the gaming world. With over 100 million copies sold for different platforms, it is fair to conclude that Minecraft is one of the bestseller video game of all time. People used to get access to its Beta version for under $10. But that time has gone. Now you need to spend a lot of bucks to buy Minecraft accounts. But what if we tell you that you can still buy cheap Minecraft accounts for different platforms and get full access to this game. Yes, you heard me right. Even in 2022, you can buy cheap accounts. Continue reading to make it happen.

About RNDPlace

RND is one of the best places on the internet from where you can buy Minecraft account at a reasonable price. They provide Minecraft accounts, and you can also buy plenty of other game accounts from them. Currently, they are also offering 10% discounts on all their products. It means you can buy any game account, including Minecraft, from them at a low price. Meanwhile, you will also get a 10% extra discount on it.

RNDPlace is also renowned for its fast & instant delivery. They ensure that their buyers don't wait for a long after completing the payment. So after paying them, you will get access to the game within a few minutes. Currently, there are plenty of Minecraft accounts for sale. So, what are you waiting for? Visit them today to buy a Minecraft account and start exploring the magical world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Prices

Since Minecraft is available for different platforms, hence their pricing also varies. In this section, we will discuss Minecraft's actual pricing, and then we will reveal how much it will cost you even you buy the same Minecraft account from RNDPlace.

According to the Minecraft website, its Java and Windows 10 edition will cost you around $27. If you buy its mobile version, then it will cost you about $7. Minecraft for Xbox One will cost you approximately $20, Minecraft for Nintendo Switch will cost you around $30, and Minecraft for Xbox 360 will cost you about $20. If you buy its PS4 or PS3 version, even then, you have to pay around $20.

Let's talk about the prices that you have to pay if you choose RND Place to buy a Minecraft Account. Well, if you buy its Java premium account then it will cost you below $ 3.5, Windows version will cost you under $18, and you can buy its Java mail access for around $14. Currently, RNDPlace is offering Minecraft account for sale at the best price. So visit them today and get a Minecraft account according to your preference.

Final Word

If you want to buy Minecraft at a reasonable price and want to get full access to Minecraft accounts, then RNDPlace can be your best pick. They are reliable and known for their fast delivery. You can also visit them to buy other game accounts.